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About Siftech


The International Exhibition of the Technological Future will take in Algiers "coming soon".

Organized for the first time in 1995 at the Palace of Culture in Algiers, Siftech is the most important and the first professional exhibition in Algeria dedicated to

ITC totaling from 1995 to 2015, 12 editions in Algiers and 8 regional editions (Oran, Ouargla, Annaba). He enjoys a solid fame and conquered thousands of computer scientists and ICT executives who have visited him often and who appreciated his organization and the quality of his exhibition and seminars.

It is modernizing and comes back with a new concept and new ideas.


Technological evolution has reached such a level that it is now part of our

daily, it doesn’t affects only the professional sector, it accompanies us in various sectors such health, access to information,managing different spots, or simply improving our quality of life.

Three dedicated spaces


Siftech seeks to follow global trends in development of digital and digital technologies which are mainly IDOs, intelligent means of transport and smart cities.

The fields of application of connected objects are numerous: health, sport, leisure, work, a simple bracelet attached to the wrist allows you to save data

about your sports activity, while a connected TV can give you access to

multimedia content.

Connected objects produce large quantities of data including storage and

Treatment wich are considered as big data.

In home automation, the IoT covers all communicating appliances,

sensors (thermostat, smoke detectors, presence sensors ...), smart meters and

connected security systems of domotic box type devices.

The IoT phenomenon also affects the field of health and well-being with the

development of connected watches, connected wristbands and other sensors

monitoring vital constants. According to various projections (see Cisco and Gartner),the number of connected objects is expected to increase significantly over the years.


Algeria is full of young talents who throughout the territory animate a dynamism exceptional entrepreneurial .These are the talents that SIFTech encourages since 2014 with the Young Entrepreneur Award by revealing the most innovative young companies.

Among these young entrepreneurs, the profiles are varied. Their success engine? The passion above all else. It drives them to innovate, to develop new

new technologies and services. They all dream of changing the world, of rebuilding solidarities and sometimes even become the next Steve Jobs. They are ambitious and courageous. They are not afraid of anything. It is from this perspective that SIFTech encourages them with the 30 best Startups to change the digital landscape of our country.


Professional space dedicated to companies,  solutions and innovations proposed for improve the performance of the company and organizations in the areas of management of information, security, storage and processing of information, impressions graphics, audiovisual and communication, artificial intelligence and big data.

To evolve your technological solutions :

As an IT professional, your challenge is how to evolve your technological solutions. It is a question of defining what should change and to determine the

best moment. This includes the ability to select the technological solution that

suits your business according to its size and age (strategic value).


The Palace Of Culture | Moufdi Zakaria, a prestigious architectural work, is a great infrastructure for hosting cultural and scientific events in Algeria, which has led to awarded the first prize for the best Arabian-style architectural edifice

Muslim in the Arab world. Its privileged location on the heights of the plateau des Anassers makes it an ideal venue for organizing national events and

large-scale international organizations.

There are four spacious showrooms offering an original setting that can accommodate numerous events, as well as trade fairs in the field of culture,

science and technology.


- 100 exhibitors

- 5000 visitors expected

- 50 hours of conferences and workshops

- 100 B2B Appointments

- 3 days of sharing experiences

Contact us:

Tel cell : +213(0)661 514 661

Tel/Fax : +213(0)23 33 27 23





71, coopérative El-Houda Draria 16035


Phone: +213(0)0661 514 661
Fax: +213(0)23 33 27 23